Les Pourciaux Cottage Alderney


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Mobile Phones - Since Brexit some UK or international phone providers have made it less easy to use phones in places which are not in Europe.  Alderney is not part of the UK phone network so it is worth checking with your network provider what you need to do to ensure you can make and receive calls BEFORE travelling to Alderney.

Health and Travel Insurance - Alderney is once again covered by the reciprocal health agreement with the UK which came back into force from January 2023 so whilst it is still advisable to have travel insurance, it is not essential.

Alderney's Climate - It is fair to say that Alderney gets more sunshine and less rain than the rest of the UK.  However, being a small island further out into the middle of the sea than the other Channel Islands, we get a lot more wind and weather can be very changeable.  After a warm sunny day, it can get very cold when the sun goes down and so we suggest that even in the height of summer, guests bring with them a WARM jacket (not just a cardigan or a skimpy denim jacket!), a light down jacket is perfect to enable you to sit out into the evening in comfort and enjoy our wonderful dark and starry skies.

Tax Benefits - For those tempted by the quality of life we islanders enjoy, it might interest you to know that Alderney enjoys lower income tax than the UK at maximum 20%.  There is also no inheritance tax (for those domiciled on the island), no capital gains tax, no VAT and no corporation tax for most companies.