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The Island of Alderney

Alderney, a little known island paradise in the UK!  

The island of Alderney is the northernmost Channel Island, located only 9 miles from the coast of France at its eastern tip, and 60 miles south of the Isle of Wight on England's south coast.

Once you arrive you will discover a hidden gem and you will wonder why you have never been to this precious place before!  Beautiful unspoilt beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, a rugged coastline with over 50 miles of footpaths, glorious sunsets, a myriad of bars, cafes and restaurants, and the uniqueness of this island community are just some of the things that will be here waiting for you.  You will also experience some of the darkest and most unpolluted skies in the universe - you have to see it to believe it.

At only 3 x 1.5 miles, the island is the perfect size ... small enough to explore at your leisure and yet large enough to enjoy being in your own little paradise. Find a quiet spot, take in the sea views and listen to the birds - it doesn't get more peaceful and relaxing than this!

Those of us who live here know that we live in one of the most unique places in the world.  With little or no crime, very little traffic, no horrid biting insects (ok, well a few mosquitos or flies but nothing more sinister than that!) Alderney offers a quality of life that is hard to beat.