Nightlife in Alderney

If your idea of great nightlife is to go to the hippest new venue with hundreds of other people, sip the newest cocktail, dance the night away to the latest dance sounds, then…..don’t come to Alderney! 


If however, your ideal evening on holiday is to head back home from a lazy day on the beach, crack open a bottle of something, sit listening to the sea rushing over the pebbles on the beach nearby while the birds twitter and flutter around you, enjoy the wonderful sunset and then light your barbeque and cook a fish you have caught yourself …then a holiday at Les Pourciaux Cottage will be just up your street!


If you feel the need and time is right, there are occasional discos put on throughout the year to support various island causes.  You will usually find notices of these in shop windows and noticeboards.    Also, particular to Alderney there are 'Quarry' parties and 'Bunker' parties which happen in high summer and are an experience in themselves!