Getting around the island of Alderney

When on the island transport is not a necessity as everywhere can be reached on foot.  However, Les Pourciaux Cottage is at the eastern end of the island and is therefore about 1.8m out of the centre of town, about a 45 minute walk.  You may therefore choose to rent a car or hire bikes whilst on the island and there is space for parking at the cottage.  Taxis can also be hired.  Contact details are listed below...



Braye Hire Cars Tel: 01481 823881

Auto Motion Tel: 01481 823352



Cycle & Surf (town) Tel: 01481 822286

Auto Motion (harbour) Tel: 823352/[email protected] (also have electric bikes)



Bill's Taxis Tel: 07911 730303

Island Taxis Tel: 01481 823823

A1 Taxis Tel: 01481 824182


It is always adviseable to book a taxi to take you to the airport on the day you depart.

At peak times it is adviseable to pre-book car and bike rental.